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The challenge of creativity. Talent, culture and innovation

Impossible, but we can do it. This is the challenge of the footwear industry in San Mauro Pascoli. Here there are all the companies belonging to the weaving factory: they cooperate to realize the most complex fashion accessory, that has to be on the cutting edge to satisfy the more and more surprising stylistic requests. The technological development and the technical and designing skills of the companies, always stimulated by new ideas, surpasse those limits that seemed apparently insurmountable. Those who want to experiment, in the field of high-range footwear, know that in San Mauro can find professional skills and technologies to realize what seems impossible. The innovation in the district does not stop here: it goes through a greater sustainability, attention to the security and environment. The companies working here are an example of this attention to what is new, to the excellence of the product and the quality of the job.

Great stylistic research and technique for the footwear of Giuseppe Zanotti

After having proposed dizzy stiletto heels and space age wedge, Giuseppe Zanotti still surprises the audience proposing a shoe without heel, an exclusive model whose elegant and sinuous shape reminds of a woman’s silhouette.

Research and innovation for the Tacchificio Zanzani

Research and continuous innovation are the keys to success of Tacchificio Zanzani: research and innovation in style, in software design, prototype, in raw materials.

Baldinini draws inspiration from the Eiffel Tower

On the 120th anniversary of the construction of the world famous Tower, Baldinini pays homage to Gustave Eiffel realizing, limited edition, a black velvet sandal available also in open-toe version.

The carbon shoe by Gianvito Rossi

"The stylistic component is sometimes too deaf to the canons of portability". This is the opinion of Gianvito Rossi about the modern production of footwear.

Smart Leather - when ethics is certified

A craft company that produces semi-finished products for footwear, leather goods, Smart Leather guarantees and communicates its ethical spirit through two guaranteed certifications, the Company Ethics Mark and the ITF Mark.

Sergio Rossi and the Eco Pump

In the footwear sector, the approach to an eco-friendly development has been introduced, with great success, by SERGIO ROSSI company, that, in 2009, has launched a collection of elegant, fine, and totally biodegradable shoes.

Microinjection: a patent by Castellani Laser

In 2003, Castellani Laser patented a rubber sole that lets inject 6/10 of millimeter of thermoplastic material in an inset of low thickness that can be matched with "zero bottom" leather soles typical of refined women's shoes.

Giglioli: all - accomplished innovation

In the footwear district the innovation does not concern only the product, but also the entire technology in use.




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