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In this district there is a downright training weaving factory operating in this sector: it all starts form the High School and goes through a post- diploma vocational training until University. These courses in High Technical Education and Training are important elements to complete the professional training.


International Footwear School and Research Centre

cercal formazione

has its seat since 1984 in the district of San Mauro Pascoli: the centre is highly specialized in the vocational training for footwear and leather industry. The main aim of CERCAL is the safe-keeping of creative talent and of the technical and hand-crafted background that characterize the local territory and the Italian footwear industry, through the training of professionists in all the fields of this sector, such as designers, technicians and the hand-craft area. Thanks to the strong link with the local territory and the precious cooperation of professionists and technicians working in the local industry, CERCAL offers its students the possibility to learn the know-how and the skills directly from experts working in the area. Furthermore, there is an extraordinary synergy with more than 50 associated companies, leaders in the sector, as Baldinini, Casadei, Pollini, Sergio Rossi and Vicini: this is a strong point to assure good contacts to talented young people from all over the world.

Considering the wide range of vocational courses for last makers, designers, last technicians and specialized workers in this field, CERCAL distinguishes itself by the high level training and high qualification achieved by the participants: about the 80% of our ex-students is working nowadays in the fashion business. Beyond the vocational training courses, CERCAL offers refresher courses in order to stimulate the renewal of the professional skills for those already working in these companies, with specific courses which support the constant evolution of this sector. CERCAL undertakes also useful activities in the district to promote and release the technical knowledge and the innovative capacity of the territory. CERCAl is recognized by Emilia Romagna Region as a Vocational Training Centre and one of the first national Training Centres in the footwear sector. CERCAL is also recognized by ANCI (Italian Footwear Association) as a Centre of Excellence for the footwear training.



Vocational High School for Industrial and Handmade Clothing And Footwear 


Marie Curie” Vocational High School has its seat in Savignano sul Rubicone. It was born in 1999, from the unification of a separated seat of the Scientific High School in Cesenatico and the Technological Institute in Cesenatico. Since October 2001 the Institute has its seat in Togliatti Str.,n°5, and in the same period it was named after Marie Curie. This college has a well-defined structure and is divided into three courses of studies: Scientific High School, Technological Studies and and the Vocational School for fashion, clothing and footwear, this last branch was opened in 2003. 

The school has always made innovative choices with the intent to improve the quality of services, even anticipating, sometimes, the government directives, granting a privilege to a strong cooperation with the local industrial area, improving the knowledge of the English language in the High School and Information Technology in the Technological School, and activating “integrated courses”  in the Vocational School, in cooperation with important training centres such as CERCAL. The school promotes extra-curricular activities so that young students living in a global society can experience deeper cultural knowledge beyond the technical skills and can acquire analytical skills, awareness, sense of identity, autonomy. The methods follow a student-centered teaching approach, based on the educational success to ensure a wide  indicative, cultural and professional proposal. The commitment to improve the quality of our school is supported by the sense of belonging and identification that our ex-students still show. 





cercal formazione


For what concerns the training of students in the Vocational Fashion School  for the footwear branch, the school has always cooperated with CERCAL, and subsequently with other Training Centers, to set up integrated courses and work-related learning courses to help students approach this sector and offer knowledge and skills useful to work in the companies related to this territory. 

In the last years, the students attending “Marie Curie” did their internship in the companies of the district, with the contribution of CERCAL that is involved in the organization and tutor activities. CERCAL is also available for the training concerning the footwear, with lessons scheduled in class held by teachers and expert technicians. 

The impact of this activity in the district is considerable, as every year about a hundred students join the companies to complete their training in a factory system. Furthermore, CRCAL and Marie Curie, together with ISIA, with “Giorgina Saffi” Institute and “Iris Versari” and other companies in the territory, are partners in the realization of IFTS courses for the training of technicians in the footwear and component parts with CAD design and 3D modeling. 








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